Monday, August 27, 2007

Fishtrap, Zanni, Home Now

The author tour to Eastern Oregon was amazing. I had never been to the Northeastern corner of Oregon. Now when I see the I-84 East sign that says "the Dalles", I know where that road leads. A woman in Pendleton told me Enterprise was "God's country", and I believe she's right. I loved the house at Fishtrap - what a great community of writers live there in Enterprise.

I saw Zanni in Enterprise. We drove into Joseph on Friday, and I saw Wallowa Lake, and Chief Joseph's grave. I saw the Blue Mountains. Northeastern Oregon's air smells different. Pine. I want to go back with Michael and the kids some time. And definitely another author tour there next summer!

Now I"m home and full-time at Literary Arts! Kids start school soon. But first - family camping! This weekend at Timothy Lake.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's True

I haven't posted in a while!

Max is 11 now. This weekend he's going to a Mariner's game with Michael.

Laura and I are going camping Friday and Saturday with Holly and Elise! It should be fun!

I went to a Loggernaut reading last night.

I haven't written a poem since April.