Thursday, April 27, 2006

Triple Play

That's Keats in the text behind the woman...

It's a gorgeous day out. I wrote three poems this morning, so I'm feeling poem-aful! The term has ended for one of the schools I teach at, and my teaching load has been pretty much halved. Life is good!

I listened to the Beach Boys today on my ipod. Yes the weather is just that nice. It definitely feels like summer.

I bought another tomatos and some geraniums and petunias. Now. Some people think geraniums are common and they eschew them in their garden. But I love them. Even in their ubiquity.

Marigolds are another matter. I just don't like them. I eyed some in the store today - I even picked them up, considering. There was a bunch of them, and any flower planted en masse looks good. But no, marigolds are not for me.

Max's team won last night. He brought two batters home. Tomorrow's game is bright and early, nine o'clock.

My aunt is singing at Carnegie Hall tonight. With a choir. I wish I could be there!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Peppers and Poetry

Find your poet name!. Mine is Sir Francis Swishington III.

I planted a tomato and a red pepper plant yesterday. I just want to frolic in the out of doors.

We are reading Frank O'Hara in poetry class today. I will not take it personally if they don't like him.

At least, I'll try not to.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Starfish and Coffee

I heard the Prince song Starfish and Coffee today on my ipod and it was a perfect match to my mood on a real day of spring that feels like summer.

My sister turns 50 tomorrow. It's true! I am going to a casino with all my sisters and we are going to gamble! It's true.

I am not going to Wordstock this weekend in Portland. I hope it does well. Let me know! I think I have spring fever.

My poetry class is going well, some of my other classes end next week, and the teaching schedule gets a little easier.

Which is good because .. it's spring!


Went to my first Little League game last night. Max got a hit! I had a great time - I can understand the game of baseball a lot easier than I understand football.

Also went to Laura's track meet in Gresham and watched her run one of the dashes.

It's the time of the year when planting flowers and watching kids play sports seem like the most fitting activities.

Happy Birthday Melinda!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Eggs, Rain

It's not a collage, but it is a bunny.

The Loggernaut reading was good, and it was at Mississippi Studios, which seems like a great place for a reading. Poetry readings and drinks just go together! Chelsea Cain was funny (even in mixed company) - Anthony Robinson and his picture-taking girlfriend were charming (the picture taking reminded me of myself at my kids sporting events - and poetry readings are a kind of sport!), and I loved the story by Daniel Alarcon about being Abraham Lincoln's lover (he had to get a hold of himself half way through his story - he was laughing too!).

Anthony Robinson did his part for the Caffeine Destiny plan to take over the world by mentioning us at the beginning of his reading. We appreciate it, although we didn't take a picture!

The Loggernaut people were playing a silent version of some German science fiction movie on the back porch of the studio. Unfortunately it was raining.

I have tulips and daffodils in my house and I plan to have even more before the weekend is over. Family coming over for Easter brunch Sunday.

I think we will dye eggs today or tomorrow. I have several ceramic bunnies that are attached to ceramic egg holders around the house that need their eggs.

My kids are past the age of wondering, "how does the Bunny get into the house?" - this used to be a concern.

And speaking of eggs, am reminded of a friend's father in grade school who always used to say after he'd cracked a funny joke, "I'd stop you laughing but we need the eggs." I remember always being slightly puzzled by that expression, but I know he enjoyed saying it.

I fear Max's make-up game will be cancelled again today. Tomorrow's game is at Burnsidie Field, though, and Max tells me they always cover that field when it rains.

But before all that, I must create a Power Point presentation for one of my online classes. I keep thinking Powerpoint will die a natural death, but it keeps hanging on. It gets resurrected!

Yesterday we had the first workshop in the poetry class I'm teaching this term. I think it went well. Always a fine line between not wanting to crush people's little poetry writing hearts, but also wanting to give them something to think about, in terms of revision.

This time of the year I think of the Charles Wright line:

Easter with all its little mouths open in the rain

Monday, April 10, 2006


I made this a while ago... I should make some bunny collages or something. April is not the cruelest month, but it's a teaching whirlwind over here in these parts!

Brigit was good, not quite what I expected, but I'm glad I went.

Max's first baseball game got cancelled on account of rain. Tomorrow he's going on an overnight field trip so he'll miss the next game too. But it's raining hard again today, so will there even be a game? No doubt the question on everyone's lips - the Little Leaguers lips anyway - for much of the spring.

Tori and I exchanged mix CDs. And many other less tangible things.

I'm going to a Loggernaut reading on Thursday. Fortunately, poetry readings are very rarely cancelled on account of rain.

However, before then, a lot of teaching to do.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Finding Out..

... what it feels like to post without a picture. Zanni does it, why can't I?

My poetry students seem great this term. Today we wrote a list poem, among other things. Talked about concrete and abstract language. Walked around outside and wrote down stuff they saw.

I'm going to hear Brigit Kelly read at Reed tonight. Cecelia will be there.

Seeing Tori tomorrow - hooray. I have known her since 1970. It's true!

Received a rejection from Triquarterly yesterday. They felt the need to put not one but TWO rejection slips in the envelope!

Okay now I will post this and see how lonely it looks without any pictures to keep it company.