Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Post of 2009

I ran three miles today and I'm trying to finish a poem but I'm not trying today. I will finish it this week. The working title is Violins of the Great Northwest. I think that is going to be the title of my second book if my first one ever gets published. Even if it doesn't!

You can still name your books even if they are unpublished manuscripts. And unpublished manuscripts is kind of fraught with mystery. Perhaps.

Tonight is poetry group! I think...

Michael and I went to Michael's craft store and around today and that was fun.

I read an article in the Atlantic about the demise of the New York Times but I don't believe it. I should note I read it in the magazine, not on the web site.

I made my curried carrot soup.

The sky is gray. Always.

Tuesday is Michael Pollan day!