Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Monday

Raven Stole the Moon: A NovelI am reading Raven Stole the Moon: A Novel by Garth Stein, but - it is not his new novel! It's a re-release of a novel he published 12 years ago! Sneaky writers. But he cops to it in the preface so I am not too mad. I won it from Mead Hunter's blog (where Mead refers to it as "Garth's latest opus" ha!) a few months ago and I'm finally reading it. I like the Pacific Northwest aspect of it. And the Native American myths woven in.

I dropped off a bunch of Portland Arts and Lectures brochures at the library today and then checked out some books on Picasso, including Conversations with Picasso. After seeing all the Picassos in New York I am enjoying reading about him. Some. Or I WILL.

Sent Zanni a bunch of my prose poems from last week.

I have an Amazon affiliate account for Caffeine Destiny magazine and they have FOUND MY BLOG and so now whenever I post to my blog this other Amazon window comes up right next to the window I post in so I can find the titles of books and post links to Amazon in my posting. It's a little creepy - how did they find me?

The sun is out today. My desk at work is a disaster! It's the time of year when people send a lot of stuff my way..

Laura and I are going to watch the rest of IT'S COMPLICATED tonight, and I could do a search on Amazon and post the link to the DVD here but I'M NOT GOING TO.

Lee Montgomery has a cool column in the New York Times this week and there's a link on the Literary Arts Facebook page. I would look it up again and post it here but I have too much other stuff to do. It's worth looking up though!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Donna Stonecipher

The Cosmopolitan“I wanted to avoid the line break. Line breaks are seductive, but for the time being neither they nor the silences at the ends of line breaks feel right. Line breaks feel like cliffs leading to a kind of dangerous euphoria.” - Donna Stonecipher

I finished Tinkers and actually read most of the most recent New Yorker, a feat I only accomplish when on vacation or while camping. Tinkers was good but it didn't blow my mind or anything. Jeffrey Eugenides story was kind of okay! I think I liked it.

Have been reading Donna Stonecipher's  The Cosmopolitan and I love it. Stu Wilson gave it to me when I was in Minnesota, so thanks Stu!

Wrote all around my vacation. Mostly prose poems and I'm digging that form.

There won't be any more issues of Caffeine Destiny. I know I said that once before, but I'm saying it again and I mean it.  I have loss the will to code and solicit, two things that needed to be done intensely before each issue went up. Some day I'd like to publish chapbooks, the hold-in-your-hand kind, but that's a project for later on.

It's raining again. It is June. Laura is singing for Portland Teen Idol this morning and we are leaving soon.

I will know I am at work tomorrow because there will be no labrador sleeping nearby. And my hair will be brushed.