Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Starts Saying Goodbye

Christmas was good at our house! And now, as Max said, everyone in this house has an ipod.

I'm listening to Beyonce right now. Laura and I saw Dreamgirls a few nights ago. It was fun, and Eddie Murphy played a singer that was very James Brown inspired.

Last night Max and I went to see We are Marshall. That was good too, but sad.

I can't believe the year is almost over. There are some poetry books coming out in the new year that I'm looking forward to. I'll list them in a future post - very soon. I've been reading The Book of Questions by Neruda. It's amazing.

I have kale and shallots in my refrigerator! The new Joy of Cooking I got for Christmas inspired me. My old one was falling apart.

Next week I go back to work at Literary Arts, and then winter term begins. I'm teaching online for Marylhurst and "live and in person!" at PSU.

Listening to Beyonce now, yes, but for the past few days I've been listening to a lot of Neko Case.

Today I jumped rope and bought a latte. I'm on vacation!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Little Kiddles

Soon it will be Christmas! My mom is here; we drove around and looked at Christmas lights tonight. Max thinks this is a very novel thing to do and thinks we are the only people that do this. I assured him there are others.

I will not return to work until January 2nd. The new term at Marylhurst and PSU doesn't start until the week after that. I am going to read and write and make collages and clean my office and have fun and do yoga and Tae-bo and watch All My Children and lots of movies and do whatever else I decide to do.

And then it will be 2007.

In 1967 or 1968 my sisters and I all got Kiddles for Christmas. These were little dolls. The ones we got that Christmas fit inside lockets that you could wear.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Week Until Christmas Eve!

Max is keeping me informed of how many days it is until Christmas, with at least daily updates - sometimes several times a day.

I'm keeping a close watch on the Mt. Hood rescue efforts, and I'm hoping for a good outcome.

I wrote some Friday and did some Christmas shopping. It started snowing on the way home from Gresham, which was exciting. Pink Floyd was playing on the radio, and it made for a very atmospheric ride home. Then Christmas music came on and that was good too!

Laura and I are going to a Craft Fair at the Doug Fir today. I made shortbread yesterday. I'm going to try to take a long walk today.

Joan Houlihan's poem on Poetry Daily is good today. The last few days of poems I've enjoyed; sometimes there can be a few weeks when I don't like any of the poems; then there's a rush of good ones. Like Kathyrn Maris's poem from a few days ago. I bought her book after I read that one.

Coffee with Zanni on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to that. There is an exhibit in the Special Collections Room at the Central Library of handprinted cards. I'm going to try to see that this week too.

Monday, December 11, 2006

What Do You Think?

Is it too dark? I kind of like it. I keep messing around with my blog layout. Must be a December thing!

I'm almost done with the Marylhurst grading.

I"m reading the restored version of Ariel. The weather seems to call for it. I like her poems with bees in them.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas Christmas!

I think I shouldn't have jumped on the beta blogger bandwagon. I am having problems! And now I can't go back to my other one.

However, I will press on. We got our tree today! It looks very festive in the living room now.

I am grading Marylhurst papers today and trying to put those classes to bed.

Drinks with Scott and Taya at the Cellar and then the Vault last night. That was fun. Anytime you get to drink champagne is fun. I believe that's true!

Wednesday is the Shins! Laura had her band concert Wednesday; she played percussion. She was barefoot because her shoes were too loud.

Max had his practice chess tournament today.

I am going to stop sitting at this computer now. I should plan my 213, but I will have the whole week of Christmas off. So I should plan it before that so I can truly have the week off! Well we'll see about that.

Oh look at this new Dean Young poem on American Poetry Review that begins:

Poetry is an art of beginnings and ends. You want middles, read novels.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Wow what an evening the Book Awards were! I think there were nearly 500 people there. I was very proud to be an Oregonian.

I was pretty happy with the way my Powerpoint came out - and Michael's brillaint font change! Michael also served as the best Powerpoint operator ever.

I could be more articulate, but I'm kind of spent.

I'm taking the dogs out for a walk. It's very cold but it will be good. I have been grading Marylhurst papers today and I need some fresh air!

I decided on textbooks for 213, so the write-in campaign can stop. Ha! I heard from Zanni and that was IT! I have a new scheme to help solve the paper chase in 213 - maybe. We'll see. I love the cyclical nature of the school year.

I have tomorrow off. I'm going to try to write and maybe put up some Christmas decorations.

Today I was pushing my cart around Fred Meyer thinking why do they have all this stuff that everyone's supposed to buy this is so commercial why do they make everyone run around like crazy what an insane holiday.

Then I get to Starbuck's and see Starbuck's Christmas Blend and think, oh good it's time for the Starbuck's Christmas Blend - I must have it! And shortly after I see a Snoopy Christmas ornament at the Hallmark store and think oh I must buy that, I LOVE this time of year!

This is my conflicted relationship with Christmas.

Deck the halls!