Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last Sunday in April!

Laura is out driving with Michael as I write this. Here's a picture of her and Max, taken a few years ago, when all she drove was a bike!

Last night was the Parkrose Educational Foundation dinner and auction at Holiday Inn. That was a lot of fun, and yes, adults do occassionally still dance to Play that Funky Music White Boy - but Mike does it best!

The tour went to Corvalls and Newport this week. That was fun, and we had attentive audiences. I loved visiting Newport High School with Sara Ryan.

I am running the Eugene Half Marathon next week so I should run far today. But I may just run 7. I ran 10 and a little extra last weekend, so I know I can run 13.1!

I'm reading at the Eugene Public Library in May.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Lilies, iris, snap peas, forget-me-nots.

Tomorrow, geraniums and petunias and lavender.

Laura got her driver's permit today. Max had his opening day game for Little League.

Gotta run far tomorrow.

Reading the new Beckman.