Sunday, December 03, 2006


Wow what an evening the Book Awards were! I think there were nearly 500 people there. I was very proud to be an Oregonian.

I was pretty happy with the way my Powerpoint came out - and Michael's brillaint font change! Michael also served as the best Powerpoint operator ever.

I could be more articulate, but I'm kind of spent.

I'm taking the dogs out for a walk. It's very cold but it will be good. I have been grading Marylhurst papers today and I need some fresh air!

I decided on textbooks for 213, so the write-in campaign can stop. Ha! I heard from Zanni and that was IT! I have a new scheme to help solve the paper chase in 213 - maybe. We'll see. I love the cyclical nature of the school year.

I have tomorrow off. I'm going to try to write and maybe put up some Christmas decorations.

Today I was pushing my cart around Fred Meyer thinking why do they have all this stuff that everyone's supposed to buy this is so commercial why do they make everyone run around like crazy what an insane holiday.

Then I get to Starbuck's and see Starbuck's Christmas Blend and think, oh good it's time for the Starbuck's Christmas Blend - I must have it! And shortly after I see a Snoopy Christmas ornament at the Hallmark store and think oh I must buy that, I LOVE this time of year!

This is my conflicted relationship with Christmas.

Deck the halls!


Shannon said...

Ah the holiday chaos has officially begun. I know this because I was accosted by some very strange holiday music being piped outside of Nordstrom's as I walked past today...

I don't know exactly but it was something like the Dixie Chicks minus the guitar plus cheesy 80s pop synthesizers, meets Blossom Dearie's best impersonation of Marilyn Monroe's presidential birthday song in a rousing rendition of Christmas Comes Just Once a Year. Truly, it was astounding.

Oh, and yes, the 10 page paper IS for the GA seminar. Joy!

Anonymous said...