Thursday, May 15, 2008

Very Smart Kids and Queen Cows

The picture is a Rauschenberg painting. I hope he is having fun, wherever he is. Rest in peace!

Max and Laura are very smart kids. I know because they showed Michael and I at their student-led conferences at school tonight.

I am reading When She Was Good by Philip Roth.

Baker City was fabulous. The streets are gorgeous there - wide streets and mountains in the distance. People leave their bikes unlocked on the sidewalk. It's true, I'm not making it up!

I have been reading about cow etiquette. It's really fascinating! There is always a queen cow. Cows who are higher in the social heirarchy don't have to walk as far for their share of the grass.

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Marc Acito said...

When you have a chance, be sure to see the new Rauschenberg at the Portland Art Museum. It's quite wonderful.