Sunday, June 08, 2008


The weekend is winding down and I had a good one.

Max's team lost yesterday, so his season is pretty much over. But they had an 18 win, 3 loss record which is pretty fantastic. We are going to a Mariners game in Seattle in August!

I watched a lot of the O.C. on Saturday night - season one. Laura wasn't feeling well, so we watched several episodes. Sometimes nothing else will do. This is Laura's last week of middle school.

I'm going to start taking the Max train into work more I think and I was thinking, maybe I should get a bike and then I could ride the bike to the Max. Just a thought. But then I read some things about how it's kind of a hassle during rush hour to find a place to put your bike on the Max. Although I still wonder what it would be like to have a bike again.

I ran 8 miles yesterday. I pulled a lot of weedy grass in my backyard today. I cleaned my office. Worked on poems.

I am reading Strangers by Taichi Yamada. It's a Japanese novel about a man who gos to his hometown and finds his parents living there. But his parents have been dead for over 20 years. It's kind of spooky and I like it.


Reason Two said...

It's the cast of the OC! My favorites Kirsten. Shes hilarious. And then when she goes to rehab its like hearttttbreaking. That actress is good. But ive never seen her in anything else...

Anyway. SHALOM MOM! Its me. Looooora. Laura. Do you add friends on blogger? If so, you should add me. =]

Reason Two said...

eww. why is it calling me reason two???

Jim Murdoch said...

I just popped in to see if the summer edition of 'Caffeine Destiny' was up yet and thought I'd check your blog. You're the first person I've run into who've read Strangers. I bought it as research believe it or not for my current novel. I really loved the first section of the book when the protagonist begins to establish his relationship with this strange couple. The end of the novel was a bit of a let down but I still considered it a good buy.