Friday, July 18, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow for Colorado

Last night I went to hear Frank Bidart read at the Tin House reading. He was great. He read outside and it was dark by the time it was over. He said something - which I am no doubt misquoting here - about how the most important thing for a poet to do is to figure out how to get on the page their own understanding of how they determine meaning.

Yes, I have totally mangled that. But it makes sense in my head!

I stood in line to get my book signed. He knew Robert Lowell, so I read some letters to Frank Bidart from Robert Lowell this morning, in my Letters of Robert Lowell.

Tomorrow we are heading for Estes Park. Laura is going to cheer camp at OSU, so she won't be with us. She'll be cheering! 

Here's a link to an Estes Park web cam!

I ran 14 miles today. Now I need to pack!

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Poetic Painter said...

Estes Park is a great place to visit.