Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Did it

Watched McCain and Obama tonight.

Need I say more?

Anyway, I finished the Portland marathon. It took me longer than I thought. It rained a lot. I spilled a whole cup of water on my foot. My Ipod stopped working. I feel like I should have done better. However, I appreciate the fact that I did it and I am pleased about that! It was great to see my family at the finish line!

It was a learning experience and I learned that I want to run another marathon. But not any time soon! I am looking forward to Sunday morning this weekend, when I plan to sit around in my pajamas and read the Sunday paper and not go running.

I started The Short History of A Prince by Jane Hamilton and I am not going to finish it. The main character is kind of insufferable and I can't tell if the author is aware of it. There was one scene where he interacted with another character and it just seemed like the only reason the other character was there was so that she could deliver important background information that the reader needed to know. It just seemed kind of clumsy.

I liked The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton, and some of her other books. Just not this one!

Max's team won their game this afternoon and it was a beautiful fall afternoon. I am glad that autumn is here.

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Jim Carmin said...

Congrats, Susan! A huge accomplishment finishing a marathon. How are your legs doing this week?