Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milk is Cheap!

Milk is cheaper than it used to be. It's now $1.99 at Freddy's and that's not the sale price, that's just the price! Which makes it hard to be a dairy cow these days.

Yoga class tonight! I wish Laura could have come with me. You know how they say sometimes, people only use 3% of your brain power? Or something like that. I think yoga makes you realize you probably use only about 5% of your body's potential. Sitting, standing, walking, running - there's so much more than that!

Rough drafts to grade from students this weekend. But I want to see Milk (the movie not the beverage mentioned previously) with Michael before the Academy Awards on Sunday. I also want to see How To Disappear Completely, soon-ish!

I read Run by Ann Patchett over the long weekend. I liked it. I really appreciated Updike's review of it.

My new Poets & Writers arrived today and it has lots of stuff to read in it and new books coming out by Joshua Marie Wilkinson and Emily Wilson and other poets I like.

Spring is on its way, which means Little League. Life is good.

Milk is cheap. If you're not a dairy cow, that's not such bad news.

I was impressed by Calvin Trillin. They don't make them like that anymore.

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