Sunday, March 07, 2010

Once More to the Lake

I knew Michael Quigley. Many years ago, in Eugene. I found out this week that he died in September, in Sacramento.

He was a big fan of this man, and this essay.

I think maybe he liked E.B. White because White possessed a certain sophistication and embodied a type of civilized discourse that Michael Quigley aspired to but never quite achieved.

Michael Quigley was rough around the edges. He introduced me to Apocalypse Now, The Return of the Seacaucus 7, Deer Hunter, BEER Hunter, and SPAM.

I knew what SPAM was before I met him, but I think he's the only person I have ever witnessed actually cooking SPAM. And eating it.

He was never really at peace, so I doubt he's resting in peace, and I doubt, really, that resting in peace would really appeal to him.

So I guess what I hope for him is he's found a place where he can keep fighting.

In peace.

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mangofan said...

And now I know what the BEER Hunter is too--the gift keeps giving! I like your short & sweet essay, Susan--I suspect MQ would too.