Sunday, November 06, 2005


A very wet weekend! My son's team played their last football game of the season, in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, they lost. My daughter's soccer team played their last game as well. It wasn't raining. Unfortunately, they also lost.

I finished planting all the bulbs. Now the only thing left to do is wait for spring.

My daughter and I saw "Elizabethtown" last night. It wasn't as bad as some critics might lead one to believe.

The new Caffeine Destiny is up, with Gillian Conoley, Laura Mullen, Betsy Wheeler, Michael Quattrone, and Scott Malby.

Hey, I found out this weekend I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

This posting is very "one sentence per paragraph" - ish. I will no doubt have more to say as the week progresses. If not, I will find someone who does and quote them here.


CLAY BANES said...

Congratulations on the Pushcart nomination.

Do you know anywhere online where nominees are shown, or the contents of the 05 edition? (Pushcart's website is woefully spare.)

Eyeball Hatred

caffeine destiny said...


No I don't believe there's anywhere online where all the nominees are shown, or the table of contents for the Pushcart 2005 edition.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!

CLAY BANES said...

Thanks in any case. I reckon I can wait three weeks and buy it.