Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Vacation

I am having a good vacation so far!

I got a cool new blue ipod from Michael for Xmas. And one of those Nike plus things that attaches to your ipod and tracks how far you run. Amy and I are doing challenges - I ran 3.5 miles today and Lance Armstrong congratulated me at the end!

I watched MANY episodes of Project Runway and a few less many of Biggest Loser this week.

I"m reading Then We Came to The End by Joshua Ferris, working on the new Caffeine Destiny, and enjoying life in general.

Sending out my manuscript to a few places tomorrow or the next day. I was first runner up in the Kore Press manuscript competition so I decided that was a good sign.

Max got a cell phone for Christmas. We gave him the complete Chronicles of Narnia on audio CD, which I think he will listen to eventually.

I am listening to the Challengers by the New Pornographers. I am a huge Neko Case fan so I hope she comes back to Portland in 2008.

We're going to Pinback in February.