Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I saw Persepolis this afternoon and I loved it. I'm going to read Persepolis I and II.

I finished Pillars of the Earth! It is the longest book I think I've ever read.

You are not supposed to feed puppies cupcakes but sometimes you just can't help yourself.

I have been messing around with Facebook, but I'm not sure what it's for. If you take away the hugs and the pokes and putting stuff on people's walls, what's left? A poet sent me a virtual strawberry and encouraged me to send one back and then the message said, "together, we can fight global warming!" So I sent a few others to "friends" and it seemed funny and also, kind of sad. Because it really won't fight global warming. But maybe it was meant ironically. Or maybe it's just a Facebook fun thing to do, when you need time off from fighting global warming.

Tomorrow I have the day off (from work I mean, not from fighting global warming, as I spend very little time actually fighting global warming, although I do recycle and sometimes take public transportation).

Max has a chess tournament this weekend.

When I turned 5 I celebrated my birthday at a Farrell's in Eugene. I also celebrated my 21st birthday in Eugene. I remember when I turned 35 I thought I was SO OLD. Ha!

When I was three, I think, my mom made me a cake from a magazine recipe. It was like a bear or some kind of animal and our Siamese cat ate the ears off it. The ears were like gingersnaps or something.

Michele said something very useful today about my poetry manuscript. Because the idea of putting this year's poems, and all the poems to come, back in that first manuscript, making room for them somehow in a manuscript that I feel very DONE with, doesn't appeal to me at all. And she asked me if it was done and I said, yes. She said, then it's done! And I should just believe that it was going to get published eventually and the new poems go in the 2nd book.

So! It's done. It'll get published and then I'll already have a 2nd book well on its way when that happens. Funny how I couldn't just tell myself that and still needed my thesis advisor from 4 years ago to tell me that and somehow give me permission! Well! Thesis advisor, it's just a never-ending job.

It also reminded me of a conversation I had once with Michele when I was in school and she asked me how I decided if a poem was "done", and I said, uh, well if someone publishes it, I guess. Lame answer I know. She said at the time, oh so then you let someone ELSE decide?

Reb Livingston's rant on her blog made me smile.

Debbie your book is on its way to you!

I received this book today!The web page that displays this book has been permanently bookmarked in my web browser for almost two years, as I've been thinking about buying it for a long time. And then I opened a present today and there it was!

Wherever you go, there you are!

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