Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reading Tonight at the Press Club

Which was a nice location for a reading! Rebecca Loudon didn't make it but was there in spirit. I gave one of my poems to someone who said he liked it.

If you respond before Tuesday I can sell you a copy of the anthology for $12 which is a bargain. After that I'm sending them back to Reb.

Going to bed now.


tnerka said...

Hey, is it before Tuesday? If you are in it, I want to buy it!

Radish King said...

I am so sorry I missed the reading. I made it to Portland but got hopelessly lost after I went over the green bridge and I drove around in the dark for an hour and I have bad vision in the dark and by then I was too embarrassed to ask for help and I haven't written you because my computer at home is fucked and I don't have your e-mail here at work and also I've been feeling really ashamed about it for a long time and the more time passes the more ashamed I feel.


Rebecca the Retard