Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cowgirl Up!

Tonight Laura and I are going to go see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert and I am very excited!

This is the last week of school for the kids.

Read a Josephine Tey mystery in two days last weekend and now I'm reading another one. Summer is a good time for mysteries.

I have been revisiting my poetry manuscript and it's been revised from last summer into a stronger manuscript and so it's out on the road again. If it doesn't find a home this time, I know it will eventually.

In gardening news, I think I killed one of my coreopsis plants trying to divide and relocate part of it. I planted sunflowers and my lavender is almost set to bloom. I am thinking I won't grow any tomatos this year.

I started a longer poem and I thought about the Z's comment about writing dumb unfinished poems. I have lots of dumb unfinished poems, but they're the engine for the less dumb, more finished ones. It's all one big thing. Maybe the dumb, unfinished poems are the bottom of the iceberg, and the finished, less dumb ones are the ones that poke up out of the ocean. Okay, enough poetry metaphors.