Monday, May 21, 2007

The Clientele

I was messing around on Itunes today, which is kind of fun to do. Anyway, I found this band, The Clientele, that I had never heard of before. They are British, with a very ferry-cross-the-Mersey sound, but modern(ah, I have discovered my new career as music reviewer!). And when I saw the picture of their new album I decided I really liked them. Because I've been working on a poem where owls feature prominently. And I just like the way it looks in general! So yes, their cover has good art direction. You can hear one of their songs here.

Then I found out they are going to be at the Doug Fir Lounge next Sunday the 27th, but I think Michael and I have a previous engagement.

Janine sent me her thesis and it is amazing. I have been having fun reading it.

I leave Wednesday for Roseburg.

Laura is downstairs reading for an hour and a half so she can get on the computer for 40 more minutes today. Max is watching MONDAY NIGHT RAW! or something like that - his Monday night wrestling show that he loves so well.

Tomorrow my new car stereo will be installed, just in time for my trip!

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Leslie said...

God Save the Clientele is good but the previous one is amazing. Download Since K Got Over Me and I Don't Know How to Make You Mine or the whole of Strange Geometry.

I love them.