Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Half Marathon

Amy and I ran the Hippy Chick half marathon on Saturday. We rule!

The picture is from a book I was working on today. I also ran a little over four miles, and tried to finish poems, but to no avail. I like writing avail so I guess there's the silver lining!

Next week I leave for Roseburg, Klamath Falls and Ashland on the Oregon Book Awards author tour. I looked at Klamath Falls on a map today and it looked very far away.

Laura found out today she was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society so congratulations to Laura she rocks.

We're going to Max's game tonight.

I have been reading Take What You Want by Henrietta Goodman, the 2006 Beatrice Hawley winner, and liking it very much.

My coreopsis are coming back! Those are flowers, not a skin disease. Let's hear it for perennials.