Thursday, April 20, 2006

Starfish and Coffee

I heard the Prince song Starfish and Coffee today on my ipod and it was a perfect match to my mood on a real day of spring that feels like summer.

My sister turns 50 tomorrow. It's true! I am going to a casino with all my sisters and we are going to gamble! It's true.

I am not going to Wordstock this weekend in Portland. I hope it does well. Let me know! I think I have spring fever.

My poetry class is going well, some of my other classes end next week, and the teaching schedule gets a little easier.

Which is good because .. it's spring!


Went to my first Little League game last night. Max got a hit! I had a great time - I can understand the game of baseball a lot easier than I understand football.

Also went to Laura's track meet in Gresham and watched her run one of the dashes.

It's the time of the year when planting flowers and watching kids play sports seem like the most fitting activities.

Happy Birthday Melinda!

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