Thursday, April 27, 2006

Triple Play

That's Keats in the text behind the woman...

It's a gorgeous day out. I wrote three poems this morning, so I'm feeling poem-aful! The term has ended for one of the schools I teach at, and my teaching load has been pretty much halved. Life is good!

I listened to the Beach Boys today on my ipod. Yes the weather is just that nice. It definitely feels like summer.

I bought another tomatos and some geraniums and petunias. Now. Some people think geraniums are common and they eschew them in their garden. But I love them. Even in their ubiquity.

Marigolds are another matter. I just don't like them. I eyed some in the store today - I even picked them up, considering. There was a bunch of them, and any flower planted en masse looks good. But no, marigolds are not for me.

Max's team won last night. He brought two batters home. Tomorrow's game is bright and early, nine o'clock.

My aunt is singing at Carnegie Hall tonight. With a choir. I wish I could be there!

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