Thursday, April 06, 2006

Finding Out..

... what it feels like to post without a picture. Zanni does it, why can't I?

My poetry students seem great this term. Today we wrote a list poem, among other things. Talked about concrete and abstract language. Walked around outside and wrote down stuff they saw.

I'm going to hear Brigit Kelly read at Reed tonight. Cecelia will be there.

Seeing Tori tomorrow - hooray. I have known her since 1970. It's true!

Received a rejection from Triquarterly yesterday. They felt the need to put not one but TWO rejection slips in the envelope!

Okay now I will post this and see how lonely it looks without any pictures to keep it company.

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HenHen said...

I got a big, fat rejection from TriQuarterly yesterday too!! Those creeps. They don't know what they're missing.