Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain, Birds

It has been raining an awfully lot. I read in the paper it has rained 23 out of the past 24 days. I believe it. The rain is fine when I'm indoors. And it makes the flowers grow, etc.

Classes have gotten off to a good start this week. My students all seem interesting, interested, and ready for the term. But it's the first weeks of the term, when everyone is feeling the love.

Max has a part in the Little Mermaid, he just doesn't know which one yet. He will know next week. Laura is going to assist in the production.

I read somewhere online - but I can't provide the link because I can't remember where - that scientists have turned up evidence that prehistoric man was often attacked by birds. They learned this from marks their talons left on ancient monkey man skulls or something. So, clearly, there's a precedent for Hitchcock's Birds. Perhaps it's stored somewhere in our collective unconscious. So keep that in mind - those finches in your backyard have ancestors that wanted to eat your ancestors, and left evidence of it on their skulls. It kind of sheds a whole new meaning to the term "bird-brained", doesn't it?

I am still reading Lowell's letters. Tomorrow I only have one class to teach so I'm hoping I will have some time to write.

Graham Foust will have a poem in the new Caffeine Destiny.

I am looking forward to chocolate and E.R. tonight. I am not looking forward to driving in more rain.

But I am looking forward to Spring's flowers, and keeping those birds in line.

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HenHen said...

Dude, who's this Graham Foust fellow? I've been hearing his name here and there...

Turns out I'm coming home in March instead of April!!