Sunday, January 15, 2006

They Might Be Giants

Today Laura and I went to a yarn store and then a craft store. Then we shopped for decorations for her slumber party next weekend. She is going to be twelve Thursday. She is very into the Gilmore Girls.

I am knitting a poncho. I like the yarn, although I stood in Michael's craft store yesterday before I put the yarn in my cart, thinking for several minutes, am I really a poncho person? I don't think I had one the first time around, in the 70's, when everyone had them. I want to knit a sweater but I really don't think I'm ready to tackle a sweater. So I'm going to knit the poncho and if it looks stupid I'll just wear it inside my home. Or something.

I listened to an interesting pod-cast yesterday about giants. I guess some people think there really did use to be giants living on earth. I was sort of in and out of the room while I was listening to it, but one of the theories about Stonehenge is that it was built by giants. But then I also heard something on the podcast about "aliens" and Biblical references to giants. I guess I will have to go back and listen to it again. Or just be content with a vague awareness of the possiblity of ancient giants.

I did learn - and this I'm certain they said - that dragonflies, in prehistoric times, had wingspans of like five feet or something.

This was a Discovery Channel podcast, by the way. In case it sounds flakey. It's not - those Discovery channel people are experts!

I am taking a break from the Lowell letters and reading The Birth of Venus . It takes place in 15th century Florence.

I'm redesigning Caffeine Destiny's home page. It's whiter.

I have been simultaneously submitting poems like mad since the new year began.

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Alison Stine said...

I am really into the Gilmore Girls, too! Alas, I am going to be 28 going on 12...