Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Lots of paper grading is coming my way.

Michael killed off one of his blogs, and I have to confess I've thought once or twice lately about stopping this one. I wonder what that would feel like - to stop blogging. I've gotten kind of used to it. But to not do it - I spend about twenty minutes twice a week, but still - would something take its place? Would my sock drawer be more organized? Or something even better?

Well, for now, for today, I am here.

I talked to Janine today. The connection was kind of bad and for the first time she seemed ... far away. However, there will be new Janine poems in Caffeine Destiny!

Last Friday I wrote a poem called "Egg in Repose" and have started another one called "Egg Abstracted" and still another one called "Egg, Incubated". And the new issue of POETRY arrived today and what did I see? A poem by Deborah Warren called ... "Song of the Egg". It's in the air I tell you - eggs!

The book I'm reading The Birth of Venus , which takes place in 15th century Italy, has taken a new turn - the man the sixteen year old narrator has married has turned out to be gay. It's Brokeback Mountain Venus!

Back to the papers.

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