Sunday, March 19, 2006

Appendix, appendix

I have been thinking since yesterday of how the appendix you have removed sometimes is called by the same name as the thing at the back of a book, appendix. I wonder why that is?

It would feel too strange to blog about this weekend. But I am very glad that Laura is home, and I am home. I have probably watched more episodes of One Tree Hill in one weekend than I ever will again - I see now why Laura likes it. I still think it's no Beverly Hills 90210, but that Chad kid is pretty cute.

And now I will never have to wonder if Laura has a pain in her side if it is her appendix.

I have been reading Typical American by Gish Jen - I'm going to use it in my American literature class next term.

Olena Davis was fabulous. I was really glad I saw her and met her and everything.

It is spring spring spring! My office is a mess. Caffeine Destiny was slightly postponed this weekend but it's still coming together! Probably by the end of the week.

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