Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dream of Snow!

It snowed around here today - not really where I am, but in the Portland/Vancouver area. So I had no classes and got caught up on some grading. It may snow again tonight. I hope it snows four inches! In March!

Olena Davis is reading here next week. I'm looking forward to that. And "The Little Mermaid", starring my adorable children opens in its very brief engagement - two performances - next week.

I am teaching an American literature class next term. We will start with Hemingway I think.

My desk is a mess! Tomorrow is picture day at Laura's school - unless it snows.

Laura watches a show called One Tree Hill - she's a big fan. Last night I watched a few minutes of it with her and I recognized one of the actresses who was playing one of the main character's mom. The mom role, played by Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks. Kids wanted to know what Twin Peaks was. Never mind it would take too long to explain. I told them it was a t.v. show. Max said, "from a long time ago, right?". Well yes, I guess it was...

I am reading Olena Davis a lot this week. So next week when she comes I can hold up my bic lighter and shout out titles for her to read. Well, probably not.

I have been reading things online about Austin and the AWP. But I am waiting for Zanni and Michele to give me the lowdown.

I read something online about Adorno that I actually UNDERSTOOD. I might have to read more by this Curtis person.

But now it is time for me to watch a few minutes of American Idol so Laura can show me the person who she thinks is really good.

It's no Twin Peaks, though.

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