Friday, March 24, 2006

Belle and Sebastian and Zanni

Last night we saw Belle and Sebastian. The New Pornographers opened for them. I thought they were great - and I got one of their set lists.

Zanni's in town! I had lunch with her and Daneen today. Saw M. earlier. Good to see everyone. And a certain someone is going to visit a certain someone else in Iowa City this weekend to decide if he will attend there. And I heard of someone else from Portland who is also going there next year - which brings the total to FOUR Portland people currently at the University of Iowa. Portland Mafia indeed, N.!

Max and Laura are on spring break all next week - they're psyched! We're going to Sisters tomorrow, and I decided I will pretend like I'm on spring break too - at least for two days. I have classes next week, and classes to plan for spring term. But I won't think about it anymore until Monday.

Classes classes classes. Talking to Zanni and M. and Daneen today, I thought about not teaching anymore - doing something different. Well, we shall see about all that. Whenever Zanni is around anything seems possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing Central Oregon.

We're watching GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK tonight. I have had two lemon drops in the past two days - see, I MUST be on vacation!


Amy said...

That is my favorite ATC yet! How did you like the movie? Have a fun trip!

HenHen said...

You're the best, Susan. I sent your poems along to my editor-friend. It made me happy to read those poems (again/for the first time). I can't wait to see you again soon.