Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ides of March

Apparently there was nothing ominous about the ides of March until Caesar. It just means the 15th, at least when it falls in March.

The term has ended for my freshman composition class, and the other class I teach (apart from my online one) is on Spring Break. So I officially do not have to be IN a classroom until a week from today. This pleases me. Papers to grade and syllabi to create, but still. I like the ides of March myself!

Tomorrow is Olena! I found this "guest blog" she did in February for Poetry Magazine. It sounds very much like her. Because it is!

I helped kids put on costumes at the dress rehearsal today. I watched part of the dress rehearsal. The songs are cute. The boy who plays the octopus does not like his costume. He told me today, "I look like a three year old!" I told him, no, you are much taller than a three year old. I don't think that made him feel any better.

I ran five miles today. My office needs a good spring cleaning. Papers and books everywhere.

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