Friday, September 23, 2005

Because There Are Songs to Be Played

There is some great music to be found here, at my husband's new blog. And he played me a new song last night! Welcome to the blog world baby!

Today is picture day at my house. The kids have chosen their outfits.

Have to grade those quizzes and read other papers for my Monday class. I am going to Sisters in Central Oregon to walk a 15K with my dad on Sunday. The Portland Marathon is in two weeks!

News from the garden: Colchicum bulbs are being shipped to me as I write this! My aunt in New York also ordered some for her apartment. I can picture the window where she will grow them. In an unprecedented act of bird on gnome violence, a scrub jay swooped in yesterday and knocked over the garden gnome that had taken up temporary residence in the bird bath in the corner of my yard. The visibily shaken (not to mention prone) gnome seems to be recovering nicely. The bird could not be reached (wings,etc.) for comment.

Laura Mullen is going to be here next month, giving a reading. I am very pleased to hear this. New poems of hers will be appearing on Caffeine Destiny .... soon!

I have drafts of poems that are feeling neglected and are beginning to get restless. I have assured them they will be completed ... soon!

I would like to lounge in my pjs all morning, drinking coffee and making autumnal ATCs, with oranges, reds, magentas and browns, while a batch of bread rises nearby...

However, the essays await!

I made the ATC of the woman with the guitar. Do I need to keep saying that? All the artwork on this site is mine, until further notice. More on ATCs for those of you who are interested ...

In answer to your question, T. - yes, you need a bigger bed.

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