Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday in Central Oregon

Spending the night in Central Oregon, so I can walk the "Sisters Stride into Autumn" with my dad. Did I bring the essays with me? Of course! Will I look at them while here? Yes of course. Wait. No, I will definitely look at them.

Found this today while searching for Caffeine Destiny links on Google (I do that sometimes, I admit) from a poet who doesn't care what people think: "And while my university might not recognize it, I think more highly of my work published in Caffeine Destiny than what appears elsewhere more reputable." Hmm...

Ordered Donald Revell's collected poems.

On my ipod shuffle play on the way over here today - Dylan, Iron and Wine, Joni Mitchell, Belle and Sebastian, Art Pepper, Shins, Coldplay. Bought Dandy Warhol tickets today! I am looking forward to Martin Scorcese's documentary on Dylan that airs Monday.

Note to Zanni: They're not PHDs YET. Call them CANDIDATES. And you're just as capable of ferreting out those Greek roots as they are. Nico: The subjective experience of the poet matters far more than technical considerations.

It's more autumn-ish here. Red leaves, yellow foliage. Horses, cows, deer.

My son's team won their football game. Now to watch the UO/USC game on tv. Go Ducks.

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