Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Obviously Five Believers

Have been listening to a lot of Dylan - it's the PBS influence I suppose. Got so lost in singing along with him in the car this morning that I did what many adjuncts before me have done - almost drove to the wrong school. Figured out what I'd done in time to get off the freeway and turned around, but I was five minutes late to class. I told them why - I'm not sure how wise that was, but I told them.

My students had rough drafts due today and only ONE student didn't turn one in. Props to the students!

My narcissus bulbs are underneath my desk, in a little dark corner. You're supposed to fake them out, make them think it's winter so they put down roots. Singing Christmas carols helps too.

Was excited to find a blog by Lyn Hejinian. Then found a site that says Lyn Hejinian does not have a blog. So now I don't know WHAT to believe!

Lyn Hejinian quote: "The presences that constitute life do so by entering life/ and they do so infinitely"

Bought some cool papers and accoutrements today. Tacos for dinner. Started another poem. Will be making more ATCs tomorrow. And teaching and driving and singing along...

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