Thursday, September 22, 2005


The students were a bit stumped by the quiz. One student told me he had read every essay "like three times" and still had trouble on some of the questions. He told me that again as class was ending. Oh but there will be more quizzes ..

One of the questions asked them to define hegemony, which was mentioned in one of the essays they'd read this week. I had defined it yesterday, written it on the board, and we'd talked about it.. But I didn't quite know how to pronounce it, and admitted that to them (it's not a word I use in conversation).

So the student who had read every essay three times asked another student about the hegemony question as I was collecting the quiz. The other student said, "remember - that was the word she couldn't pronounce."

I don't know what to make for dinner, my office is a mess. But I love the light this time of year.

Speaking of hegemony, I read today that Ruth Lilly didn't mean to give all that money to POETRY. I think that's funny.

This may interest some - the University of Iowa is turning its old card catalog into art!

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