Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here I Am!

Why am I starting a blog at this point? Because I think it might be fun. From what I have gathered, it seems to function as a way to put off doing other stuff. I made the collage..

I learned last night what the word "oulipian" meant, after reading it on a friend's blog. Another fancy word for stuff I've done before but never called it that. I am going to try to start a list of other fancy words for stuff I've done before.

Talked to my friend Janine on the phone this wekend, who is up to her ears in grad school - at one point we were talking about metonymy. I think she was almost (I say almost) correcting me on what it really meant, but in a very pleasant Janine way. Subtext - she's learning STUFF! You go girl! (oh no I really said that - and on my very first posting. - will that establish me as the sort of blogger who writes "you go girl" in their postings, which puts me in a certain category which people will make other assumptions about? yay I ended a sentence with a preposition!)

anyway, very pleased that Janine's phone number remains the same, as so many of my Janine encounters when she lived here were via phone. So it's kind of like she never left.

Except when she tells me what metonymy means.

My african violets don't look so good.

Many papers to grade and a soccer game this afternoon.

After reading my friend Zanni's posting about teaching, I think she is nicer in the classroom than I am.

Oh I get it... this is addictive!

More later, s.

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