Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thelma or Louise?

I got pulled over for speeding today for the first time ever. It's official - I'm living on the edge! Well, I was driving 28 in a 15 mph zone, but still. The policewoman ran my driver's license and everything. I felt like I was on COPS or something. No ticket was issued - she let me off with a warning - so no email campaign on my behalf will be necessary. I have never been pulled over before but I think I handled it well. No sudden movements.

Have been reading Best American Poetry 2005. I think I figured out a solution to the criticism that the series receives from many readers. The words "The Best" should be replaced with "Some". There, problem solved. There are many poets in the 2005 edition whose work I admire. The cover is nice. More as the situation develops.

I have begun my narcissus forcing early. Bought 15 paperwhite bulbs today. Here's how to do it.

John Ashbery quote: "I write with experiences in mind, but I don't write about them, I write out of them."

Awoke very early, worked on a poem, taught some classes. Going to turn off my brain and watch Gilmore Girls with my kids.

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