Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gillian was here

The week has gone by so fast, and barely time to blog!

Gillian Conoley read here last night, and she was quite charming. Her new book, Profane Halo is energetic and exciting. Hearing her read made me want to write write write. I am hoping to have her poem and the rest of Caffeine Destiny up any day now!

Too long without talking to Janine. I am going to call her this morning, and tell her how I met the person who has Zanni's old job and told him, "you're the new Zanni!" I'm sure he thought I was a goofball.

I am quite excited about possible indictments. I am trying to contain my enthusiasm. And Harriet has left the building! But somehow, it all seems like noise. There are other more pressing matters that seem to get ignored.

Some of my students are writing papers about an historical event - I think we'll go to the library today. If I don't devote class time to it I'm afraid most of them will do most of their research on the Internet. Which is not always ineffective, but can be inefficient. And I think putting your hands on actual books is an important part of research. It's week six - I have begun the countdown, somewhat prematurely, to the end of the term.

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