Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday night

I love how boring the titles are for my postings. I also love how boring the postings themselves are. It's kind of liberating.

Well, I don't mean to sound provincial or puritanical or any of those other bad "p" words, but people were naked in "Bug" last night! The actors, I mean. For like ten minutes! Walking around the fairly intimate stage, naked as the day they were born. I wonder if their parents will be in the audience for any of the performances, and how the actors would feel about that.

It was an interesting experience - the play overall, not just the nudity. I felt it was a little too relentless at times - it seemed to hit only a few notes. But then again the notes it did hit - despair, insanity, desperation - were played well.

Is it possible to make beef stroganoff without the beef broth or the mushrooms, substituting Campbell's cream of mushroom soup? Maybe, but I'm not sure I recommend it. Then again, it wasn't bad!

I think this week should be not as hectic as last, but I could be confusing "feeling relaxed after a three day weekend" with a realistic estimation of what I have to do. But still. I get essays from all my classes tomorrow, but I have next Friday off! I think next Friday is when I will tackle Caffeine Destiny's new issue.

Started a little poem about Psyche today. I like the Psyche myth, and I have a John Waterhouse poster of Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden on my wall.

I was looking at poems of Mark Yakich today, and found this one, How they Existed in the World, on Poetry Daily. I like it and I like his tone.

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