Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Worlds Collide

I have used artist trading cards and postcards in my classes this week. I used them as an exercise in coming up with titles, as many of my students have been naming their essays "Essays Number Three" and "My Close Reading Essay". I also had them write descriptive sentences about the paragraphs, using parallel structure as well as assonance and consonance.

And because it's week five, and from here on out, any time you can do something in class that seems like an even halfway legitimate use of time and you haven't done it already a whole bunch, you DO IT.

I took the dogs for a walk tonight. Their stars are gone but we still navigate pretty well in the dark.

Big purchase today: a pine 7-drawer cart, with drawers just the right size for organizing all my art suppplies for my ATCs.

Laurel Snyder has written an interesting bit on The Happy Booker about the reasons for an MFA - ladder, what ladder?

Speaking of MFA students, thank you Nico for responding to my suggestion. I think I was partially mad in just a "kill the messenger" kind of way.

My daughter practices her flute in front of the mirror.

Only one day left to teach this week!

I go now to play chess with my son.

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