Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sweet Victory

My son's team won their football game, and my daughter's team won their soccer game. This afternoon the whole family will go watch Portland State's Vikings play football - maybe they can make it a triple crown!

Hey Joshua Corey wrote me! And he made the excellent point that he would have talked more about the poet's work if Poets and Writers had actually said more about the work itself. That's a Phd candidate for you - so fussy about the particulars!

Maybe I should start emailing writers whose blogs are much more widely read than mine, and see if I can get them to respond by subtly attacking them. In this way, I can become a kind of blogger "Professionalist". Hey C. Dale Young, you call that a typeface? Well I guess that's not subtle. And really, a hypothetical example.

I have a letter to the editor in the current issue of Poets and Writers, but they edited it so much that it doesn't really make much sense. The point I was making about the quote I refer to is that we ALL live in the real world - at least last time I checked.

With the exception of my dog Rita. I am pretty sure she spends most of her time in an alternate universe, where dogs are serenaded in Latin, carried everywhere and given big medals to wear around their neck (I think she watches too much HBO).

Iron and Wine was good. Too many extra acts. I"m not a big fan of the saw, except when I need to cut some wood, which is not very often. It was a great surprise to see the lead singer of the Shins on stage though - he joined Mr. Iron and Wine for a few tunes. And I like the t-shirt I bought - it was half the price of my Coldplay t-shirt. Why do I keep buying concert t-shirts, when I don't really wear men's t-shirts with logos on them? Except camping.

Still grading those essays. I talk to my students in my head - like when I'm driving and stuff. I think this is kind of strange, but I bet many teachers do this. I think, "now how will I explain this ..." Except there is no "that sounds stupid!' voice in my head, so I probably do a better job explaining things in my head than I do in real life.

Which is probably true for many people, in many walks of life.

Not true for C. Dale Young though. He rules.

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