Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Longing for the Epic

This could be another sign of autumn: I want an epic novel to read. But not the Diviners. Something to get up and read a little of in the morning, something to read at night - something to read fifty pages of in one sitting occasionally. Maybe it doesn't even have to be epic.

Maybe this has something to do with all the papers I need to grade this week.

I asked my students today what the writer's purpose was in writing the essay we were discussing. One student said, "oh there really was no purpose, just like that essay we read yesterday". I think I have to stop asking that question, it seems to irritate them. I think tomorrow I will list many different purposes for writing on the board and ask them which one they think applies. I don't think this is making things too easy for them; I think some of them just need some language for talking about some of these things.

I'm taking the dogs for a walk this evening - my last walk before the marathon!

I have just been writing little drafts of poems; they are strange and kind of unformed, but I like them. I decided it's counterproductive to try to get lots of writing done on weeks when I have so many papers to grade. I just end up frustrated.

Cole Swensen's new book is out! And on it's way to me.

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