Thursday, October 13, 2005

No School Friday!

My pincushion flower plants arrived today and I put them in the ground!

A Thursday night with no school the next day is what I call a very fine Thursday night indeed.

Received a copy of Issue #4 of The Canary in the mail today. Poems by Lisa Jarnot, Joanna Klink, Tod Marshall, Dan Beachy-Quick and many other cool poets. They are published in Eugene. And in another one of those poet coincidences (see Thursday, October 10's posting ), my friend Daneen was talking to me about Laurel Snyder today and how great she is. And she's in this issue of the Canary too! Laurel's blog is here , with lots of links to her poetry.

Nico may lose his phone service (read his October 12 entry) and Zanni's students are offering her drugs! Clearly it's a jungle out there, if you're an MFA student. Should I have a bake sale for Nico? Can't someone in his workshop let him use their phone?

I thought of Zanni today, as I gave my 1:00 class chocolate. It just seemed like the thing to do.

After tomorrow night there will be no more gray in my hair, if the hairdresser person knows what she's doing. More as the situation develops.

I haven't been for a walk - except around the block - since the marathon, and I think I miss it.

I finally finished grading all the essays, which is good - as students in all my classes will be turning in their next essays ... Monday.

Tonight, however, is not Monday.

Tomorrow I am going to make bread and artist trading cards and write little unformed drafts of poems.

And maybe vacuum.

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