Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's the Weekend

I have begun reading "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith and I think it's fabulous!

Made this card today. My daughter lost her soccer game, and my son lost his football game. Competitve sports are brutal.

I walked 3 miles today. I'm aiming for 14 minute miles these days.

It's the kind of autumn day when red, golds, and deep browns are everywhere, and dark clouds threaten rain five minutes after the sun has shone brightly. I love it.

Someone thinks if Harriet Mier had a blog, it might run something like this. Pretty funny.

Last night my husband and I drank vouvray and ate cheese, bread and apples for dinner by candlelight while the kids ate pizza downstairs. I think this should be a new Friday night tradition.

Tonight we are going to see a play tonight, "Bug", presented by Artist's Repertory Theatre. The New York Times called the play "obscenely exciting." We'll see!

My hair still has some gray in it but I don't care so much about the gray anymore. I figure, hey I've earned this gray! I did get a weave but the hairdresser seemed kind of unsure of herself, and I didn't know what I wanted either. That combination adds up to barely discernible hair color change.

Tomorrow I'm having brunch with my sister in Southeast Portland. So I believe I can say that so far this weekend I've done a very successful job of avoiding any teaching responsibilities. That seems appropriate, somehow.

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